Bespoke Leather Bags and High Quality Electroplating Hardware

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Bespoke Leather Bags Should Match with High Quality Electroplating Hardware


Custom Bags Manufacturer like BagGo BinGo,years of experiences in making quality bags,know well how important high quality hardware play the role on a leather bag.No matter how expensive the leather used on a bag,a cheap and low end hardware will make the bag worthless.Besides the hardware substrate material,the most important point in hardware quality is the electroplating.As you may know,electroplating is also known as electro-deposition because the process involves depositing a thin layer of metal onto the surface of a work piece.In addition to improving the looking of the substrate,the primary application of high quality electroplating on leather handbag hardware is to improve the hardware resistance to its possible corrosion on the leather surface. Also a qualified plating layer will serve as a protective coating,meaning it will dissolve prior to the base metal alloy material.Quality electroplating can build the thickness of a metal surface,increase wear resistance,reduce friction,protect against the surface abrasion and improve the hardware surface uniformity on a leather handbag.

BagGo BinGo Bags always stick to the finest hardware suppliers in its custom bag lines creation.


The most commonly used electroplating colours on leather bags are as below :

1.    Black Tin

2.    Oxidized Copper,Brass Copper and Copper Brushed

3.    Light Alloy

4.    Antique Brass, Oxidized Brass and Brass Brushed

5.    Shiny and Matt Black

6.    Nickel,Sand Nickel,Polished Nickel,Matt Nickel,Brushed Nickle

7.    Gold,Light Gold,Imitation Gold,Matt Gold,Sand Gold,Rose Gold

8.    Gunmetal,Pearl Gunmetal,Polished Gunmetal


BagGo BinGo can provide colour examples of electroplating upon specific request.Don’t let the low end hardware spoil your bags and always use durable and quality hardware on your brand.

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