Bespoke Handbags Choosing Tips

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Handbag Factory Offers Tips on Choosing Bespoke Handbag


Every woman in this world is so unique and deserves a chic and unique bespoke handbag.When choosing a bespoke handbag,the following steps are necessary to be in your consideration.


Style : you must have the option of choosing a classic and luxurious elegant piece or going with a casual and trendy design.So you know well what mostly the occasions the bag will be used for and select the most appropriate design.

Materials : There are generally natural leather made handbags,canvas and faux leather made bags. Natural leather handbag is more costly whilst there are more choices in colors in vinyl bags,also known as PU bags or faux leather bags.So consider of your budget and how much you would like to spend,and if you are teenager or young girl you may go for something colorful in a canvas or denim bag line.

Size : Be sure to carry and wear the bag in front of a mirror and listen to the advices from your friend or the store owner regarding the size and shape.Select the correct size that best suit on your figure and body shape.If you tend to put in a lot of items in your handbag,a large style should make sense but it does not mean it has to be quite bulky.Generally the large size structured bag is always weighty so it can lead to fatigue.If you mind this,a fine leather handbag would be an alternative as it is durable and lightweight.If you are petite in body shape and don’t always carry that much in your handbag,a small bespoke clutch or baguette would match on you.If you are tall and large in body figure,a large style would be the choice.

The Way of Carrying : Choose the way you prefer to carry or wear the bag,by hand or shoulder (handbag or shoulder bag).Nowadays designers make it versatile on handbag designs and they can be carried in both ways.If you find shoulder bag uncomfortable,then a handbag with short handles would be the ideal choice.Personally I do not recommend petite woman wearing medium or big size crossbody shoulder bags.

Special Request : If you are shopping around for a bespoke handbag to match with a favorite outfit or an evening dress in its colorway,some designer shops or studios may offer tailor-dyed bags made to your specifications.On certain occasions you might also consider a clutch or makeup or small purse designed to match your bespoke handbag.Most of the designer shops offer this kind of accessories.

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