Bespoke Handbag Features British Gold Hardware

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Luxury Bespoke Handbag Features British Gold Hardware


British Gold Electroplating Hardware are very popularly used in luxury bespoke handbags making.BESPOKE,originally a British English word that means a clothing item to be made or tailored to a buyer's specification.A bespoke handbag means a high degree of customization in details among which the British gold hardware deserves a highlight of description.


British Gold Electroplating Hardware is a high end luxury type of hardware.The electroplating process is much more sophiscated than any other types of hardware electroplating so the price of British Gold Electroplating Hardware is expensive on a bespoke handbag.The current standard adopted in British gold electroplating hardware in china market is with at least a coating thickness of 10 micrometer,while the British top manufacturing expert use a coating thickness up to 12.5 micrometer to remain its top and premium quality nature.Top designers and brands prefer using this kind of gold electroplating such as British Gold,Sand Gold and Rose Gold for creating luxury collection.


Here below is an example display of the above mentioned British Gold Electroplating Hardware from one of my hardware manufacturers who focus on high end quality custom handbag hardware creation.You can see the true difference and feel the true quality they apply on their production process.


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