PU or Vinyl Handbags Advantages

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The Advantages of Polyurethane and Vinyl Made Bags

PU Handbags or Vinyl Handbags are massively produced as they feature lots of benefits and advantages.PU also known as Polyurethane or Vinyl,are the most widely used faux leather materials on bags and cases.It is an elastic material that can be made into soft or hard form in different density to be utilized for different applications.There are some of the most evident features and advantages on PU or Vinyl made bags as below.


Low price

PU or Vinyl is fast becoming the material choice in fashion industry such as bag and shoe serctor and also clothing line.PU leather is a man-made material with a split textile background and a layer of Polyurethane at the surface.The cost in PU or Vinyl made bags are much lower than those made from Natural Leathers.Low price is the main benefit of PU or Vinyl leather made bags.There is a growing trend for Chinese bag manufacturers to use PU or Vinyl leathers because they can also produce high quality and stylish bags at reasonable and relatively lower prices.The end result is a cost-saving passed directly to the buyers and end consumers who can afford to purchase and own a full range of different styles for all occasions.For making quality PU or Vinyl bags and purses,BagGo BinGo only stick to Eco-friendly leathers.


Wide Variety of Colours and Embossing Patterns

PU or Vinyl leathers have a wide variety in colours and patterns.The Polyurethane surface can be made into any embossing pattern such as crocodile,snake,leopard or zebra print or any pattern that you could think up.PU or Vinyl leather always features a water-proof surface that is more resistant to scuffing and marking.Any dirt can be easily removed with a damp cloth.



Thick PU or Vinyl leather is very strong in durability.The thickness and density of PU or Vinyl can be tailor-made to specifications.


More Options in Designing and Styling Effects

There are always more options available on creating styling effects on PU or Vinyl leathers mainly such as the digital printing,custom signature,laser pattern and embroidery etc.


For Ethical Reason,i.e Animal Cruelty

There are buyers,consumers and also designers who favour PU or Vinyl leather over Natural Animal Leathers.BagGo BinGo constantly receive inquiries for Vegan Leathers,i.e Eco-friendly PU and Vinyl leathers.BagGo BinGo is also a vegan leather bags supplier.


Hope the above description of PU or Vinyl leathers will shape a better understanding for you to know well what to do and how to choose when you create a PU or Vinyl bag line.BagGo BinGo,a Chinese bag manufacturer,specializes in making various PU bags,Vinyl handbags in leisure or casual and structured styles.All PU and Vinyl leathers can be tailor-made to meet international standard and pass testing requirement.

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