Tips on Creating Quality Custom Camera Bags

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Tips on Creating Quality Custom Camera Bags

Creating Stylish and Quality Custom Camera Bags with BagGo BinGo Bags,a China Based Handbag Factory.

Now you have got the camera and the kit of devices and you may even have a few more lenses knocking around as well.The chances are that if you are into photography or just shooting around in your spare time,you are starting to accumulate kit and sooner or later,you will be needing somewhere for that gear to live while you are out and about.From your first impression or imagination,a prefect custom made camera bag should feature a quick lift of the cover and you will see all the kit are packed with the neat padding,dividers and pockets a keen photographer needs.

Usually people start out by popping their camera and accessories into a daily used satchel or handbag.This is no bad method,and would certainly work for a while,but regular bags do not have the proper features that will not just help you keep your kit safe - they could eventually improve your photography efficiency and quality.Owning a properly-designed camera bag can make the difference between getting a shot and missing it completely. When you can,I recommend you buy a good quality camera bag to protect your kit.They are designed for bumps and knocks and in most cases come with a waterproof lining and cover,comfortable shoulder and handle straps,roomy space design and properly-designed insert with multi-dividers.

There are a few rules I have pulled together as below on creating quality camera bags.

Define The Style You Prefer.

If you are into professional photography you must have a variety of kit devices,such as favourite lens,a reflector,a laptop or even a tripod,then you will likely need something bigger to fit them in.A roomy backpack style camera bag would be the best solution.A backpack design camera bag always has special pockets and add-ons of all sizes to keep those essentials safe.Whether you are working with a DSLR or digital compact for only leisure time or travelling purposes,a comfortable and lightweight handbag style could meet your needs.A handbag style can be easily accessible and can be also worn by shoulder as a crossbody which could be a real help during your relaxed time.Sometimes you may not really want your camera bag to look like a camera bag - but the days of all camera bags looking like dull black boxes are already gone.BagGo BinGo Custom Design Camera Bags are tailored to be stylish as well as supportive and protective and look more like chic satchels than gear bags.So have a think about your must-haves-to-put-in before you take the plunge and choose the proper camera bag style which best suits you.


Stick to Quality Insert

The problem with using a normal handbag to carry your precious camera kit is the lack of padding protection. Camera bags are equipped with properly designed inserts which are usually lined and padded with foam,EPE and other elastic materials designed to reduce the impact of knocks,bumps and scrapes encountered in daily life.A quality camera bag must features a qualified insert first.


Waterproof Is Essential

A quality waterproof camera bag is quite essential for coping with whatever it wants to throw at us in rainy days as we are very much ruled by the fickle weather.If you are planning to head outdoors with your camera kit at some point,you certainly must have a durable,solid and waterproof camera bag.The commonly used rain-resistant fabrics are nylon and waxed canvas,durable yet light weight.Though natural leathers are heavy but they are also waterproof and can be used as alternatives or trimmings on camera bags.


Quick Access

Photographers know how important it is to reach the kit in a very single moment,that is why they often inquire about the design of opening or access routes on the camera bags  while still have to consider of maintaining the opening security.The most effective combination are a secure fastening solution with zips,magnetic clasps and velcro strips.


If you are looking for custom design camera bags,BagGo BinGo are always capable of pointing you in the right direction and offering you're the ideal solution in creating custom camera bag line.

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