Leathercrafting Tools Terminology

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Leathercrafting Tools Terminology

To make high quality leather bags,a full set of working tools are so essential for the leatherworkers no matter the skill level.Natural Leather is a premium quality material for making handbags and purses as it is durable,elastic and soft to shape.Leathercrafting needs a whole set of highly specialized working tools made for cutting,piercing,stitching, forming,decorating and burnishing on the leathers.Here below are a list of the brief description of a few simple and commonly used tools.

Awl : Featuring a thin shaft with a pointed spike at the end,it is designed to poke holes.A variety of sizes and shapes are available,and all leatherworkers must have an assortment in their collections.

Punch : Designed to make holes through fabrics and leathers.Round punches are the most common and available in different size.They come in single or multi-punch options. Punches are usually the most used tool when working with leather,so I suggest that a leatherworker should opt for some quality ones. 

Cutting Knives : Cutting knives are the basic tools for the leatherworkers.There are a few types of knives such as swivel knives,round knives and single head knives.Take good care of knives and ensure they have fresh blade to perform flawless cutting tasks.

Leather Edge Bevelers : Bevelers  are used to clean up the edges of leather.They give the leather edge an even,well-finished and neat appearance and come in a variety of shapes and sizes.Leatherworkers should have an assortment of different style bevelers to create different styling effects.

Needles : There are harness needles and glover’s needles.Harness needles available in various size,are ideal for leatherworkers who use an awl or punch to make holes prior to stitching which can often be seen on saddle leather or thick vegetable tanned leather bags.Glover’s needles are used to sew soft leathers.

Hammers : Except the use of hammers to form and shape leathers,they are also used to strike onto other tools such as awls and punches.Don’t directly use a steel hammer to strike any other leatherworking tool or leather surface,instead make sure the steel hammer head has a protective plastic or rubber coating.

The above are the basic and essential working tools for leatherworking.But there are professional leather craftsmen who attest that the tools such as cork board,strap cutters,stitching clamps and tool kits are very beneficial.A strap cutter is a great help for leatherworker making belt.So no matter for a beginner,starup leatherworker or expert leather craftsman,a whole set of and an assortment of tools are essential for them to perform meticulous leatherworking and create high quality bags and purses.

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