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Are you still buying the top designer handbags at sky-rocketing prices while you can customize your own at a decent price with BagGo BinGo ?


The fact is that all the designer handbags,from those top brands such as Chanel,Louis Vuitton, Hermes to traditionally cheap brands such as Coach and Burberry to high street labels are all rocketing up in prices.

A top designer handbag will not only stand out the test of time but also look good not matter what ages you are and what outfit you wear.Yet our beloved designer handbags seem to be running away from our grasp as prices sky-rocket. 

For example,Chanel’s recognizable and classic flap bag,has increased by nearly 100% in the past several years.The case is that not just at the very top of the market that prices are climbing rapidly,even those traditional brands which sell at starting point of such as USD400 – 600 range are increasing their prices.That is true,you may have a USD2000,USD3000,USD5000 coach bag in the future.Unless these bags are crafted from silver and gold,how can the brands fairly and possibly justify their prices rising unrealistically so high? The most possible answer could be that the more accessible the “average” and “common” consumers find their handbags,the less appealing they are to the very top and extreme rich,who would only prefer something more exclusive to show off whatever the status or dignity or taste.No doubt that the top fashion houses and designers are quite busy chasing the extreme rich people.Thus the trend has created a market where people don’t have to think twice about paying USD3000 and plus for a bag and buying a new one or couple for every season.

Due to high rise in prices in some traditional brands,the majority of the consumers feel abandoned by the brands they have trusted for so many years.Stylist says the top brands are alienating the massive middle class consumers and have abandoned middle markets which just want quality and stylish bags at decent prices.The top designer houses themselves claim that the increasing cost of leather together with additional costs in production are to blame in the ever-rising prices.For so many of the international rich,status and dignity are the king.Boutiques in prestigious streets, limited runs in rare and luxurious leathers,collaborations with super stars,all these factors add to the cost rise and fairly in the name of exclusivity.

Despite the fact that top brands are trying to stop the majority of the consumers from buying their bags with the unrealistic and rocketing prices,there are more premium services and items to offer with niche-markets oriented brand such as BagGo BinGo,which ethically offers its custom tailored manufacturing services in private label leather bags making across all borders.To create a new bag line,low minimum order is the first topic for startup business;to customize a special and unique handbag for beloved one at an affordable and decent price,with premium quality assured;source of chic and edgy handbags which always have a sense of exclusivity;You have all these things in one at BagGo BinGo.No need to spend thousands bucks for a top brand while you can create your own unique bag for only three hundred and you can decide on any detail for youself and own a bag which can accompany you for years,WHY NOT?

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