Know-How of Hosting a Fashion Week Show for Your Own Bag Line

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Know-How of Hosting a Fashion Week Show for Your Own Bag Line Collection


Many of the startup designers we work with have the intention to start a full range of bag line and possibly do a fashion show.Fashion show or fashion week is definitely a very exciting and amazing way for a designer to display and showcase a half-year or even one-year of hard work in the studio.To host a successful fashion show is so important for pushing a designer into the public eye.It is very enticing as you can take your brand to the next level as long as your collection are kind of edgy and one-of-a-kind and show to the right people.But before any commitment to launch a fashion show,there are a lot to do and to consider.As a manufacturing expert in custom bags,we would like to share with you the following points.


Know well of your own brand and its background and the oriented consuming market.

A successful fashion show is a symbol that you made it,that is true for most of the designers.Each designer has an edge in the creation and collection so keep in mind that not every collection needs to be shown on a runway or launched in a fashion week.For example if you create a canvas bag line and that is a consistent hot seller,then you won’t actually or necessarily need a fashion show or runway display.Do some research and homework on your own brand and its background as well as the oriented consuming markets,make sure you know exactly what you need and if a fashion show really works for you.Do not be affected by the reality that most famous designers they do produce fashion shows and keep in mind this is not a common gauge for you or your collection.Things have both ends,good and bad.


Alternatives for startup designers and new brand.

Considering of the high cost and human-power that it takes to organize a complete fashion show,hosting a presentatioin can be cost-effective and simple for startup designers.Hosting a presentation can be topic-oriented in an easy way which makes sense for your work and brand.A well-arranged presentation could take place in any occasion such as in your own showroom,studio,garden or event place as long as it is creatively arranged and make people feel comfortable and enjoyable with your presentation especially the settings,clothing,preferably with a couple of models and a stylist to help.A memorable presentation is a good step forward to a fashion week show,it can help attract the attention of the editors,bloggers and buyers to review your brand and collection.  


Build up your connections.

For startup designers,much of the audience will possibly be from the family and friend circles,it is time to call for any favors because even a few of the right or influential people attending your show can make a big difference.Establish a relation or partner with some influential editors and bloggers,getting them to your show is quite essential for you to stand out from the massive trends flow.Editors and bloggers can help you advertise your collection intensively through their professional magazines,sites and blogs.Social medias are also an effective alternative place where startup designers can utilize.Build up some internet celebrities connection and let them wear and display your collection can be a fast and direct approach to establishing a brand influence in an economic and more cost-effectively way compared to invite top celebrities.This is the truth behind all of the beauty of a fashion show that is the man-power and its expenses.There are a lot costs to cover such as location and landscape,staging,lighting, setting,PR, stylist, models,makeup,costume and photographer.Averagely on the low end a fashion week show may spend USD10,000 to USD15,000,while large brands topping up to USD100,000 for a short show.There are also cases that pull off launching a show or presentation with a limited spend of only a few thousands dollars,mainly relying on friend’s space donation,the help from PR and models and makeup.


The rest to consider.

Always take some time to think about what you really want to achieve by hosting a fashion show.The amount of investment,both of time and energy and work and monetarily can be very staggering.If you have resources or connections with a few potential buyers or editors or celebrity bloggers,ask their opinions and honestly listen to their feedback to help you understand if hosting a fashion show is right for you.If you are not quite sure or ready that is fine then – as many famous designers did not show their collections until few years in the business.It is important have a solid and strong foundation before undertaking production of a fashion show or runway week show.

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