Tips for Spotting High Quality Custom Leather Bags

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Tips for Spotting High Quality Custom Leather Bags


Keep in mind that Quality Custom Made Leather Bags have the following basic natures in materials and craftsmanship regards :


Stick to Durable and Natural Leather

Quality leather is thick and feels heavy.Original top grain leather has no painting or any vinyl layer coating on the surface.Thick leather,mainly used for hard-shaped bags such as briefcases,totes and messengers,are generally divided into two catagories,the saddle leather,also known as the crazy horse leather,and the vegetable tanned leather.There is also thick leather which owns a soft touch feel,that is thick grain leather,mainly used for leisure styles of bags as well as structured handbags.The thick soft leather example can be found on the Hermes Birkin.To examine if the leather is nature and genuine,you can pull and bend the leather which should not cause any sign of breaking or tearing,and also discover the high-density of natural fibers in the leather layer.You can also set a little piece of leather on fire to test if it is genuine natural leather as it should smell like something human hair burning.Remember that I am not saying the thin layer natural leathers are not that durable and high quality.Check on the Chanel Quilted you will find the thin leather can also craft luxury quality purses.The thin layer natural leathers can be roughly divided into two categories,the calf and lamb skin.The durability on the thin layer natural leather is largely connected with the tanning process.Besides the top grain leather,there is also a coated leather such as Patent Leather and so called second layer leather,which means on a layer of natural leather texture there processed a layer of coating such as vinyl or painting on the surface.The advantages of this type of leather are their wide variety of surface patterns and colours,can be made into thick shape,durability is good as well.Finally there come the rare and luxury leathers such as python,lizard and crocodile natural leathers which can definitely make your bags real pieces of artworks in pure luxury.


Stick to High Quality Alloy or Solid Brass Hardware

Quality hardware are so important on leather bags as in some cases a small broken rivet or zipper teeth can destroy a whole bag.Those commonly used hardware on leather bags are such as buckles,clips, clasps,rivets,studs,beads,grommets,zippers,zipper pullers,decoration,logo plates and more.Though solid brass hardware are expensive but they last longer and don’t fade and tarnish on leathers easily.Solid brass hardware are often seen on those luxury brands and high quality leather made bags.Alloy-made hardware are the next choice considering of the high cost on solid brass hardware.Electro-plating process on alloy hardware matters the durability a lot.That is why BagGo BinGo only stick to eco friendly hardware suppliers in this regard.Quality electro-plating process on either solid brass or alloy-made hardware show good effect and looking on natural leathers as long as the leathers are tanned in a standard,qualified and eco-friendly way.Some low end leathers which tanned through a total of chemicals will do damage on the hardware,and vice versa,if the hardware and their electro-plating process are low end and not qualified,they will also damage the leather surface such as leaving green mouldy.Finally there come the common metal-made hardware,which are usually used on the canvas and PU,PVC (Vinyl) bags,the defect would be easy to fade and tarnish or get scratched on the surface.


Stick to Quality Stitching

Quality leather bags always require multiplied thread stitching,which range from 6 strands to up to 24 strands on different types of leathers.Nylon threads are better than cotton yarn threads,so that is why leather bags require nylon threads while canvas and vinyl bags use cotton yarn threads. Stitching can be divided into hand and machine stitching.You can always see the hand stitching on the saddle leather bags or super thick leather hand-made bags,it is the most durable and aesthetically appealing type of stitching.Machine stitching are used for massive producing and look neat and flawless as compared to hand stitching.The most important in stitching factor is to use the correct strands of thread for different type of leather and materials so to keep the stitching are solid and safe on the bags.


Stick to Flawless Burnishing,Also Known as Edge-painting

Leather bags have two ways of edges looking.One is Raw on the edge and the other is burnishing or painting.The quality of the paint is so important and different leathers require different paint.Raw edges are often seen on saddle and vegetable tanned bags.While most of the bags need to be burnished and painted at the edges to look neat and perfect.A quality burnishing or painting creates a shield to protect the leather from the elements outside.If the edges aren't correctly burnished or painted,moisture can seep in and cause rot.Good quality painting oil for leather bags can be purchased at a price of USD20.00 per kilo.If the quality of the burnishing and painting oil are low end,they will most likely break and tear or be scratched off easily,then the whole bag is destroyed.


When you are shopping for custom leather bags,follow the above listed simple steps to ensure you get your money's worth.With up to ten years of experiences and expertise in handbag designing and custom design bags making,BagGo BinGo Bags are proud of offering one-stop solution in your custom bags line projects.Defined by pure taste,luxury and elegance merging with the utmost custom charisma,BagGo BinGo's creation of leather bags and purses are always tailored to be perfect and exceed its client's expectations.Welcome to inquire about BagGo BinGo services. 


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