Terminology in Handbags

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A Deep Look into The Terminology  in Handbags


With over ten years of experiences in creating custom made bags,BagGo BinGo would like to share with you some most popular bag styles based on their shapes,by doing so you can avoid being confused by the terminology when it comes to handbags.

Clutch Bag :  a hand-held,small or medium or large size bag,mostly in a geometric shape and can be tucked in arm or carried in hand,designers nowadays also call the evening bags as clutches.

Tote Bag : a tote bag has always an open-top,straps or handles,designers also tend to add a flap or zipper or magnetic closure at the top.

Crossbody Bag : as the name tells it is a bag for crossing the body,a shoulder wearing bag,always in small to medium size,half or full structured.

Duffle Bag : also known as luggage bag or gym bag or weekender or carry-all,it has a long shoulder strap,tall handles,wide opening at top,with side and interior pockets,carry a lot of stuff.

Hobo Bag : a kind of leisure and casual style bag,always in a crescent shape,relatively in a soft and slouchy nature and carried on shoulder.

Shopper : namely you can tell it is a large size bag for going for shopping purpose,roomy space for carrying a lot of stuff,sustainable and durable in material,such as canvas made shopper bags,with solid handles.

Satchel Bag : large in size,hand held and crossbody bag,with pockets, originally worn as school bags,most of satchel bags are structured.

Messenger Bag : also known as briefcase,business bag,laptop bag,full or half structured,with handles and shoulder strap,a handheld and crossbody bag.

Baguette: Long and rounded shoulder bag resembling the namesake French bread,search Fendi Baguette for the example.

Pouch : soft and small size bags,always held in hand or with a string or strap holder.

Kelly Bag: derived from the classic Hermes style named after Grace Kelly,a full structured bag and large in size,with distinctive hardware closure,it is a classic style and quite unique so it is a kind of special category.

Boston Bag : oblong in shape at the bottom and tapered in or folded at either end toward a top opening,with two handles,and a long adjustable detachable shoulder strap,can be used as a travelling bag or a general-utility bag, it is a classic style and quite unique so it is a kind of special category.

Diaper Bag : also known as mommy bag,nappy bag,always large in size, created from fine leather or durable eco-friendly canvas,with water-proof lining for the interior,many functional interior and outside pockets for carry a lot of baby-caring items,can be worn by handles or shoulder strap.


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